Every wedding is unique. You can't simply walk through a “checklist“ of poses that someone downloads from the internet and take a picture of each item.

I mean, you can, but you’re wedding will look just like someone else’s who got married in 1972 or so!

My theory is this: Be unobtrusive, don’t run the wedding, let it happen and capture peoples true expressions as they unfold.




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My Story

Since my mother took so many pictures of me and my 2 sisters growing up, I can remember almost every year of our lives as a family. Our neighbors, friends, places we would visit. There’s literally a shoebox time capsule tucked away in the back of my parents closet that holds all these memories.

Without those photographic moments most of the memories would not have lasted in our minds, at least not so vividly. To me, pictures are the most important thing we can have. Every moment, emotion we’ve lived is in that one frozen frame in time.

I started my interest in photography when I was 13 years old. I bought an old 35mm rangefinder at a yard sale and starting clicking away at my family.

The year was 1976 and I went to my first concert at the Spectrum- Elton John. Although my seats were about as far away as I could get, I managed to weave my way down to the first row and Elton actually stood and posed for me as I took a snapshot with my mom’s Kodak 126 Instamatic and flash cube! When I got my pictures back a week later from photoMat he was still just a tiny figure in the print. I knew then I needed a better camera.

My dad took me to the local camera store and spent a whopping $150.oo on my first real 35mm camera, a Canon TX. “Don’t tell your mother I spent this much” he made me promise ! And from that day my life as a serious photographer would begin.

I started shooting for the News of Delaware County when I was just 16 , a Jr. in Upper Darby High School. I was shooting a lot of school activities for the Yearbook and the local newspaper needed someone to cover the School events. The PR person was really too busy to supply them with all they needed so he asked the photography teacher if he knew any students that might be interested in it. Fortunately my teacher suggested me!

I loved the newspaper end of photography and started freelancing for the Main Line Times, Delaware County Daily Times and finally 3 years with the Philadelphia Inquirer. Capturing real moments as they unfolded intrigued me, helped me develop instinct and anticipation and the urgency of getting the shot right then or forever losing it. It is this training that I bring to a Wedding. I don’t reinact moments or pose key moments. I look for true expression and emotions as they happen….that ‘real smile’, the way you look at each other in a way that only those closest to you know what you’re thinking.

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